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Our role as an attorney in the real estate transaction


From inception to completion, our experienced staff facilitate favorable transaction results our clients desire. Our responsibilities consist of, but are not limited to, gathering necessary information from all parties involved in the closing, reviewing contracts and loan documents, examining the title records, reviewing land surveys when they are provided, preparing the appropriate legal documents, conducting the closing, collecting and disbursing funds from our trust account, recording deeds, and issuing title insurance policies. We are industry professionals whose primary goal is to take each transaction and guide it to its successful and timely conclusion. 


From Inception to Completion


Once you have a fully executed contract, send a copy to our office and we will get a file open for you. 


Take a few minutes to fill out the buyer/seller information sheet. The timely completion and accuracy of information will prevent delays in your closing. 


We will accept your earnest money via wire or check.

Please call to request our wire instructions. Our bank will not charge wire fees on our end. 


Checks are to be made out to: Bolling & Ghannam, PLLC and are welcomed to be mailed or dropped off to: 

Bolling & Ghannam, PLLC

7401 Carmel Executive Park Dr, Suite 111, Charlotte, NC 28226


When steps 1-3 are completed, we will order the title search. Once the search is completed, one of our attorneys will review to ensure you have clear title and will work to clear any issues that are identified. Most issues can be resolved fairly quickly - however, some issues can be more complex and require more time to cure, which may delay closing.

We will then order title insurance. Our firm will reach out to you if anything is needed during this step of the process. 


We will reach out to you to schedule your closing date and time! 


Our firm will prepare the closing documents and work with your lender (if any) to obtain your loan package.


Whether your closing is in office or remote, please make sure you sign your documents at your designated time. There are several steps that must take place after you sign to officially close.


We obtain funding approval from your lender (if any) and will promptly submit the documents for recording with the designated County. Once all documents are recorded, we will disburse funds to all appropriate parties. We will send you electronic copies for your records. 


It is not about how much money or assets you have. It is about protecting what you do have during your life - to ease your mind, and after you're gone - to save your family time, money, and grief. Planning for the future will allow you to take control of how you to handle family matters, business affairs, and finance instead of default state laws.

When you are ready to have an estate plan done, consider the following: 

  • Who will I leave my money to? 

  • Who will I leave my property to? 

  • Who will care for my minor children? 

  • Do I need to account for a time that I may become incapacitated or disabled? 

  • Is there a charity I want to support? 

  • Do I want someone to take over my business? 

Everyone's life circumstances are different and so should everyone's will be. Reach out to our firm to schedule a consultation and one of our attorneys will take the time to explore what option is best for you individually. ​

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